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“This story is an erotic novella that involves Emma Green as the main character. She manages a shoe store in the Phoenix area. She shares an apartment with her ex-boyfriend. They have remained friends but with benefits type of arrangement. Her friend Alyssa is always trying to set her up with hot men. In fact Alyssa is a bit into more than Emma is comfortable with but they remain friends.

Jason is the new manager and her new boss. He is also ten years younger than Emma. She thinks he is hot but young. Jason decides it is Emma he wants and tries to pursue her. She wants to keep things professional. His age and projected shyness make her nervous. However she needs a change. Jason believes he can offer that change.

This was a good story. I think this is a good example of realistic fiction. The characters were likable and the situations were believable, even the sex scenes. I liked that the younger man pursued the older woman. You go girl! Great read and very sexy.”  Stacy Sabala

“I loved this book, Emma is such a great character, easy to identify with and fun to follow. Jason was delicious and, as a woman who likes her boy toys, I would happily make a deal with him! I read this cover to cover (if you can do that with a kindle!) in one sitting.”  Miranda Forbes



If you answered yes, I recommend adding In Anyone Else’s Shoes to your reading list right away. This erotic novella focuses on Emma, the successful manager of a trendy ladies’ shoe store who needs a serious overhaul to her woeful love life.

Emma may not have found a Prince Charming to love yet, but she does have quite the soft spot for a yummy cupcake. Who can blame her? The delicious confection can always brighten even the worst day and make a great day even better!

Steamy Dreams,

Gemstones alphabet, letter V. Isolated on white background.

Guest blog posted by Valerie, an erotic muse who inspires MLJ in his writing.

This entry was posted in Guest Blogs and tagged  on October 27, 2013.


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