Subject X

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One afternoon, a few breezy questions, a hundred bucks. Amy had the time, and like lots of college students she needed the money, so it seemed like a no-brainer.

Brooke and Jeremy barely know one another, but today the two PhD candidates are collecting data for their dissertations on human sexual behavior. Amy, their first study participant, awaits their questions, asserting herself in a short skirt and clingy sweater. Her trendy clothing and unsurprising, youthful insolence are easy to detect. But Brooke and Jeremy aren’t privy to what lies beneath her provocative exterior. They’re not aware she’s contending with a crumbling relationship. They can’t have known that she’s looking to square things up with her boyfriend by having herself a little fling. And they can’t detect her simmering seductiveness. Not yet. Not till it’s too late. Not till they have answers to questions that should never have been asked.

Brooke and Jeremy didn’t mean to probe so deep into Amy’s psyche. They didn’t expect to unveil her repressed insecurities or her scheming agenda. Their only intent was to ferret out her point of view on sex. But as the afternoon fades to evening, they learn more than they’ve bargained for – about one another, about raw desire…and about commitment.

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