The Top Drawer


Madison Hill keeps a nightstand drawer filled with toys—undemanding,
obliging toys. She doesn’t have time for a man in her life—not now—not yet.

Two years ago, the youthful, fresh-faced thirty-one year old called a time-out on her flat-lining existence and created a simple blueprint she could follow, or, more importantly, wanted to follow: go to grad school, open her own business, be happy.

In a couple months, Madison will be receiving her MBA. She’s certain, or at
least hopeful, that a great business idea is lurking somewhere in the pleated corners of her head, waiting for the right moment to trickle into her thoughts. And, as for her happiness, well, she’ll work on that when she has the time—someday.

That someday could be today if she’s open to wrinkling the blueprint a little. Two very tempting, distinctly dissimilar men keep coming at her like well-behaved children in line at an ice cream shop, coins in hand, not sure how to order. With a simple nod to either, she could indulge at least one of her cravings, possibly more.

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